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How do I label my keywords/queries?
How do I label my keywords/queries?
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To label your keywords/queries you have several options at your disposal.

1- Edit rules

This feature allows you to label the keywords you want all at once. The tool identifies them according to their volume, the number of times the keywords appear.

2- AutoLabel

Our platform offers a powerful tool that leverages the capabilities of OpenAI to help you find appropriate labels for all your keywords within a specific column. By utilizing this tool, you can efficiently analyze your keywords and extract valuable information such as brands, categories, topics, or actions associated with them.

3- Do it manually

By selecting specific set of queries and name them by filling in the boxes in the desired column.

In the "Label" tab located above your queries table, you will discover all your labels organized into separate columns (By brands/ Topics ...). If desired, you can modify the name of your original label. For instance, if you possess labels named "Alpro" and "alpro," it is beneficial to analyze them under a consistent label name.
By manually renaming the "alpro" label to "Alpro," all keywords associated with it will automatically be transferred to the "Alpro" label for streamlined analysis.

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