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Discover insights through AI and to effortlessly categorize and organize your search queries !

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Welcome to the Auto-Label ! This tool streamlines the process of sorting information, helping you gain valuable insights with ease.

How it Works ?

The Auto-Label tool simplifies the task of labeling queries and grouping them into distinct columns. Follow these steps to make the most out of this feature:

  1. Navigate to Add Columns:

    • Click the Add Columns icon at the top right of your project page.

  2. Initiate the Auto Labeling Process:

    • Select “Extract relevant entities from your queries, using AI” that pops up below the “Create a new empty column” option.

  3. Select Columns for Categorization:

    • Choose the specific columns you want to include in the labeling process. This could range from brands and company names to products, animal breeds, cities, and more.

    • You can also specify the dashboard theme below, as well as the appropriate language.

  4. Automatic Labeling:

    • Watch as the tool seamlessly labels your queries and intelligently groups them into the selected columns. This automated process ensures efficiency and accuracy.

  5. Review and Refine:

    • Take advantage of the tool's flexibility by reviewing the queries included in each label. If needed, you can easily unselect queries, refining the categorization to suit your requirements.

Best Practices:

  • Experiment with Column Selection:

    • Try different combinations of columns to refine your categorization strategy based on the nature of your data.

  • Regularly Review and Update:

    • Keep your labels dynamic by periodically reviewing and updating them to reflect changes in your data landscape.

  • Utilize Unselect Option Judiciously:

    • Unselect queries with caution, ensuring that the refined categorization aligns with your analysis goals.

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