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πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ Reveal trending cities & expectations for UK tourists travelling to Spain
πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ Reveal trending cities & expectations for UK tourists travelling to Spain
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Goal is to better understand why & where British tourists want to travel to Spain:

  • What are the top trending cities with a rich history based on search data?

  • What are the top trending cities/regions in popular culture right now, based on what consumers are searching? (info, history, guides, tours, accommodation – what is growing?)

Step-by-step guide

Learn how to create an insightful dashboard from A to Z.

Test multiple combinations of queries

These lists of cities and topics are automatically provided with our chatGPT integration, under Get Suggests.

Request search volumes from Google UK

Click on Update data.

For each combination, search volumes will be fetched at national scale, also at city scale.

Detect trending consumer wants at national scale

Insights from Trajaan reveal people want to do in Spain, right now, from the UK.

  • Share of volume points out how interest might strongly evolve over time.

  • Within Trending Topics, search volumes are compared to previous years - to reveal current trends.

Spot trending cities where British people want to travel to

Detect local specificities for travel trends, with another built-in indicator: local affinity

Local affinity reveals local search volume for 100k population, meaning it does reveal destination cities that are more attractive for people in specific cities.

As an example, Seville and San Sebastian much more attractive for people leaving in London than anywhere else. While Alicante is more attractive for people leaving in Edinburgh

Spot local expectations by focusing on topics

You can find topics like music festival which are more interesting for people living in Edinburgh and Glasgow - compared to other English cities.

Topics are found by exploring terms extracted from all search queries, under Edit Rules.

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