What is WordCloud ?
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The objective of the dashboard page is to provide an alternative perspective on user queries. It offers insights into different queries and their characteristics.

Data Visualization & Widgets:

  1. Word Cloud: The word cloud visually represents the search queries, brands, topics, or products with the highest search volume. It presents these queries in a shareable word cloud format. Users can utilize a slider to narrow down the scope of analysis and focus on specific subsets of queries.

  2. Search Queries Table: This table enables users to compare various attributes of search queries. It includes the following metrics:

    • Average Monthly Search Volume: This metric represents the average number of searches per month for each query, indicating its popularity.

    • Share of Volume: It illustrates the percentage of the total search volume that a specific query occupies.

    • Label: This attribute categorizes the queries based on predefined labels or classifications.

    • Word Count: It provides the number of words present in each search query, which can help identify patterns or trends.

These data visualization and widget features aim to provide users with a comprehensive understanding of different queries and their characteristics, allowing for effective analysis and decision-making.

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