What is local topics ?
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Local data is crucial when …

  • Considering where to expand a business or a brand, by focusing on the demand

  • Prioritizing cities or regions where to launch next campaigns to boost brand awareness

  • Detecting local needs that are not yet identifiable at national level

"Local Topics" and the main goal of this page is to identify unusual patterns in local search, such as brands or topics that have a significantly higher level of local interest. To do so, several tools are at your disposal:

  • 'Best segment' bubble map → This interactive map highlights the brand, topic, or product that holds the top ranking in each specific territory.

  • 'Topics' horizontal distribution chart → This chart provides a visual representation of the distribution of brands, topics, or products in different territories using a 100% stacked bar format.

  • Affinity scatter plot chart → This chart allows you to compare the level of interest in different brands, topics, or products across various territories. You can display it in different way (Grouped, stacked, 100% stacked)

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