How credits work?
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Credits are used to monitor data usage for self-service subscriptions - like Bronze, Silver or Gold.

Getting the Hang of Credits

Credits: Think of credits as the dollars in your pocket. Each credit equals one keyword you want to check out in a specific area (like a country or city). So, if you want info on 10 keywords in a single area, that'll cost you 10 credits.

Sources: These are the different sites or platforms where we pull our data from. Like, Google Search and Google's search results pages are two different sources we can use.

Spending Your Credits

Keywords and Areas: The basic way you spend credits is on a keyword in a certain area. If you've got a project that needs 10 keywords in one area, that'll be 10 credits. If you need two areas, that's gonna be double the credits.

Using More Than One Source: If you want to pull data from different sources for the same keywords and areas, each source is gonna cost its own credits. Let's say you use Google Search and the search results pages for a project with 10 keywords in one area - that's gonna be 20 credits (10 for each source).

Optimizing Your Credits Usage

Choosing Your Sources: Be smart about which sources you use. While using different ones can give you a full picture, it also uses up more credits. Make sure to weigh up how much you need each source and whether it's worth it before you use it.

Reusing Keywords: Credits are tied to keywords for your whole company, not just one project. So, if you've already used a keyword for one project, you don't need to buy it again for another one in the same company.

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