What is Trajaan?
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Trajaan is a SaaS platform streaming consumer insights to strategic marketers from search engine data.

We offer a platform aggregating data from multiple search engines like Google, Amazon, and other high-traffic search bars - before alerting continuously of trending consumer needs and emerging competitors at both local & international scales.

With Trajaan, start listening to everything consumers intend to learn or buy from search engines & be sure not to miss any future best sellers.

Our documentation assists analysts & managers in analyzing search data we collect from multiple locations about custom segments to get answers to major business questions:

  • Online market sizing: evaluate how much consumers are interested in different products, brands, or services, compare each segment to another & detect geolocations with higher potential

  • Category detection: monitor generic search queries revealing a growing interest for a new type of products or services - that are set to become future top sellers

  • Demand forecast: keep an eye on your markets or product categories, and be prepared for an upcoming uplift of demand!

  • Merchandising roadmap: get monthly or weekly reports about products that are meant to interest your shoppers, either online or in your shops!

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