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How long does it take to collect my data?
How long does it take to collect my data?
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How long does it take to collect data ?

Data fetching is the essential process of retrieving specific data for analysis or other purposes. The efficiency of this process hinges on various factors, including the number of harvested keywords, selected countries, and chosen search engines.

To enhance the data fetching process, consider the following recommendations:

  1. Start with a Single Search Engine:

    • Begin by selecting a single search engine to streamline the initial data collection.

    • Opt for countries of interest rather than regions for the first phase.

  2. Estimation and Scale:

    • Expect a fetching time of approximately 5 minutes for every 10,000 keywords per geolocation.

    • Scale up gradually after the initial data collection and update.

  3. Gradual Expansion:

    • After the initial phase, gradually incorporate additional search engines to gather more comprehensive data.

    • Be mindful that adding regions within a country or multiple countries may extend the fetching time.

  4. Consider SERP Data:

    • Recognize that retrieving SERP (Search Engine Results Page) data is an additional step that contributes to the overall fetching time.

By adopting this gradual approach and adjusting data collection parameters, you can optimize the data fetching process for efficiency and manageability.

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