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How to get suggestions from OpenAI (chatGPT)?
How to get suggestions from OpenAI (chatGPT)?
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Open AI provides a range of features to assist you in obtaining keyword suggestions. One such feature is the "Get Suggestions" tool, which seamlessly integrates with Open AI's capabilities. By utilizing this tool, you gain access to pre-classified keyword categories, enabling you to label your setup swiftly and expand the scope of your search.

To begin using it, navigate to the "Get Suggestions" tool and seamlessly switch between Google and Open AI, maximizing your keyword exploration and enhancing your search capabilities.

  • Brands - You can explore a wide range of brands that are relevant to your specific keyword / product / subject.

  • Keywords - Explore a vast array of relevant keywords that can enhance your understanding of the subject matter.

  • Categories - Identify and classify the specific categories that are relevant to your product / keyword / subject.

  • Questions: Direct queries and concerns asked by users. It can help you understand their needs, address their inquiries effectively. By identifying recurring questions, you can proactively provide relevant information.

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