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How to get suggestions from OpenAI (chatGPT)?
How to get suggestions from OpenAI (chatGPT)?
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Unlocking Keyword Potential with OpenAI's "Get Suggestions" Tool

OpenAI offers a powerful suite of features to streamline your keyword exploration, and the "Get Suggestions" tool is a standout feature that seamlessly integrates with OpenAI's capabilities. This tool empowers you to access pre-classified keyword, facilitating quick setup labeling and expanding the depth of your search.

To initiate your OpenAI keyword exploration journey, there are two options in the "Get Suggestions" tool :

  1. The ChatGPT-4 section

Explore a vast array of relevant keywords that can enhance your understanding of the subject matter, thanks to creative prompts.

  1. The Questions section

Dive into direct queries and concerns posed by users. Understanding their needs and addressing inquiries effectively becomes more accessible. Identifying recurring questions allows you to proactively provide relevant information.

By leveraging the "Get Suggestions" tool thanks to OpenAI, you can elevate your keyword exploration, enrich your setup, and enhance your search capabilities.

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