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Search engines (Google/Open AI/Bing/Amazon)
Search engines (Google/Open AI/Bing/Amazon)
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Google / Bing:

To get suggestions by Google, you have to select the search engine in the set up.

After that, still in the setup, click on the "Suggestions" button and start your search by typing in the keywords, brands, or features of your choice.

Google Data are collected every month and are available for the last 48 months in every country.

Bing Data are collected every month and are available for the last 24 months in every country.

It's important to note that Google search engine is installed by default in the "Get Suggestions" feature.

Open AI:

OpenAI is a powerful search tool that simplifies search categorization into four easy-to-use categories:

  • Brands

  • Keywords

  • Categories

  • Questions

It also allows you to choose from your selected countries or mix them together for an even more personalized experience.

With OpenAI, you can customize the number of results displayed on the page to fit your specific needs, making it easier than ever to find the information you're looking for.

This user-friendly feature ensures that you have access to accurate and relevant information quickly and efficiently, helping you to save valuable time and resources.


Amazon volume is estimated using the autocomplete algorithm of the Amazon search bar since Amazon does not provide search volume data like Google does.
Keywords are ranked and scored based on their occurrence in the autocomplete algorithm, and the search volume is derived from the monthly search volume allocation on the Amazon website.
Therefore, it is important to consider Amazon volume as a relative "keyword strength" metric.

Amazon Data are collected every months and are available for the last 12 months and these countries: US - UK - CAN - MEX - DE - FR - IT - JP - AU - IN - SP

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