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If you have a list of specific keywords and clusters of your own, you can import it very quickly on the app !

Three options are available to do so:

Option 1
When creating a new project, you can choose from the start, after choosing your geolocalisation, to import your files (.cvs, .xlsx) with your own keywords, products and brands.

Option 2

  • Go into your project and then, to the set up

  • Look for the import or export button on the right side of the set up

  • For Import : Upload your file

For Export, two options are available to you :

Export all
All your keywords (inactive / active / without any filters or pagination) will be exported in a CSV file.

Export with active filters
What you see is what you get (without the pagination). So the data selected with active filters will be exported.

For instance, if you are in the section " Not labeled" and there is blank space with a text "No data with active filters", the export will be a blank page too.

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