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How to use the Share of voice section ?
How to use the Share of voice section ?
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The primary goal of the dashboard page is to provide a comprehensive overview of websites that have achieved a high level of performance in organic search results, categorized by brand, topic, or product.

Data Visualization & Widgets:

  1. Share of Voice Pie Chart: This visual representation presents the distribution of organic search traffic among key web domains. It allows for a quick and easy understanding of the relative market share each domain holds.

  2. Organic Metrics Table: This table provides key metrics related to organic search performance. It includes the number of pages ranked, the average position in search results, and an estimate of the organic traffic generated by the domain.

  3. Share of Voice Table by Label: This table presents a breakdown of the share of voice based on specific labels such as brand or topic. It enables a deeper analysis of the distribution of organic traffic across different segments.


  1. Estimated Organic Traffic: This concept refers to the estimation of monthly traffic captured by a web domain as a result of its rankings in search engine results. It is calculated by multiplying the average volume of the last 12 months with the position of the domain in the search results.

  2. Share of Voice: This concept indicates the proportion of organic traffic received by web domains for a selected set of search queries. It helps identify which domains are capturing the majority of organic traffic, providing valuable insights into market dominance and competition.

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