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What is the Insight section ?
What is the Insight section ?

How to conduct Market Research ?

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Welcome to the insight section ! 💡

This section is divided into three parts, providing you with all the necessary information to find your insights!


Trends helps you monitors awareness for different brands or topics over time.
It allows you to compare different clusters among each other, through different graphics.
You can also see and understand and compare how people talk and write about a product, a brand or a subject.
It helps to detect fast-growing search queries and segments over a certain period a time, that you can define.


The objective for this part is to analyze local search volume and affinity. It is useful to understand where to expand, where to launch a product or a service, detect local needs etc.


In this Help Center section, we focus on competitive organic search analysis, offering insights and strategies for a strategic advantage. You'll discover top-performing websites, benchmark your performance, refine SEO tactics, uncover valuable content insights, and optimize your advertising efforts.

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