What is local sizing ?
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Local data are crucial when …

  • Considering where to expand a business or a brand, by focusing on the demand

  • Prioritizing cities or regions where to launch next campaigns to boost brand awareness

  • Detecting local needs that are not yet identifiable at national level

πŸ”ŽWhat US counties should be set as top-priority to expand a brand of electrical repair services?

πŸ”ŽIn which French departements does a retail bank lack of brand awareness?

"Local Sizing" and the main objective of the dashboard page is to analyze local search volume and affinity.

Affinity is a ratio between the volume of searches and the number of inhabitants in a country, which indicates how many searches there are per 100K inhabitants.

To do so, several tools are at your disposal:

  • Local volume bubble map β†’ This interactive map displays the territory that generates the highest search volume, providing insights into the areas with the most search activity.

  • Local affinity bubble map β†’ This map reveals which territory shows the highest sensitivity or interest in a specific brand, topic, or product, helping to identify areas with strong local affinity.

  • Monthly local volume table β†’ This table allows you to compare search volume over different calendar months, providing a comprehensive view of volume trends (e.g., comparing January of different years).

  • Monthly local affinity table β†’ This table enables the comparison of affinity levels across different calendar months, allowing for an assessment of changes in interest over time.

  • Local metrics summary table β†’ This table provides a concise summary of key metrics, including search volume, local affinity, and population, giving a comprehensive overview of the local search landscape.

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